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Interview with John Dickson

By Jamey Foxton | April 19, 2021

Writer and historian John Dickson, interviewed me about Western Fundamentalism

Recent Academic Publications

By Jamey Foxton | October 21, 2020

Recent Academic Publications   Edwards, M., Brown, P., Benn, S., Bajada, C., Perey, R., Cotton, D., Jarvis, W., Menzies, G., McGregor, I., and K. Waite, (2019), Developing sustainability learning in business school curricula – productive boundary objects and participatory processes, Environmental Education Research.   Menzies, G., Hay, D., Simpson, T. and D. Vines, (2019), Restoring Trust…

The Common Goods of Public Health and the Environment

By Jamey Foxton | October 21, 2020

The common good The Climatized After submitting a piece on environmental inaction, Dr Gordon Menzies and co-author, Dr John McClean, are back to dig further into the dynamics of environmental action and inaction,  using the economic theory known as ‘common goods’.    “We’re all in this together”, is not a bad motto for the worldwide…

A tip for bankers ahead of the royal commission: be more like doctors

By Jamey Foxton | October 21, 2020

A tip for bankers ahead of the royal commission: be more like doctors The Conversation The financial services royal commission resumes for its final round of hearings on Monday, and reappearing before Justice Hayne will be the chief executives each of the big six institutions he has in his sights: the Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, AMP, Macquarie, ANZ,…

On Covid & The Economy (The Conversation)

By Jamey Foxton | October 21, 2020

It is necessary to worry about health, but pessimism about the economy will hurt us During this pandemic, our twin health and economic crises require two different types of concern, and they operate differently. For the health crisis, a high level of concern is necessary. Saving lives demands nothing less than full compliance with unprecedented…

Does working with money make us worse people? (The Guardian)

By Jamey Foxton | October 21, 2020

Does Working With Money Make Us Worse People? Everyone likes a good royal commission – watching normally unaccountable people give an account of themselves. With all the anger about inequality now, it is especially appealing to see the spectacularly paid elite getting their comeuppance. But if academic research into the impact money has on ethics…

Fear & Greed

By Jamey Foxton | October 21, 2020

Fear & Greed Description In Fear and Greed’s Sunday feature interview this week, Sean Aylmer speaks to Associate Professor Gordon Menzies from the University of Technology, Sydney. In a wide-ranging conversation, Sean and Associate Professor Menzies discuss self-fulfilling prophecies in the current economic environment, and how economic principles apply to everyday life. Order Your Copy…

Discussion With ‘Destiny’ (YouTube)

By Jamey Foxton | October 21, 2020

Discussion With Destiny My second appearance on Destiny’s stream was a joy.   84,000 Views and counting…   Timestamps: 00:00 – Introductions 01:45 – Capitalism vs. Socialism 04:50 – Economic Markets 10:10 – Behavioral Economics 15:16 – China and Central Planning 21:09 – Focusing on Outcomes 28:44 – Response to COVID-19 32:40 – Democracy 40:05…

Fear & Greed (Podcast)

By Jamey Foxton | October 21, 2020

A Discussion With Paul VanderKlay (YouTube) YouTube Shownotes: Dr. Menzies says most Westerners are fundamentalists without recognizing it. They have an unquestioned belief in democracy, free markets and sexual liberty. He’s written a book on this subject which we discuss. He is an economist with a degree from Oxford University and lives and works in…

Restoring Trust in Finance, Oxford, UK (Video)

By Jamey Foxton | October 21, 2020

Restoring Trust in Finance: Moral obligation meets Econ 101 Oxford Martin School Dishonest practices brought to light by the 2008 crisis have raised questions about the incentives faced by bankers, and about their training. Unfortunately, the remedy of using market discipline through competition policy to make bankers ‘behave’ is problematic. So there have been many…